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Tell us everything

We value knowing our customers, their pain points, and business goals. Knowing these things allows us to assemble the best remote teams and make the best matches to our remote professionals. During this brief call, we will explain how our remote team assembly process works, talk about the admin, marketing, or tech teams you need to scale, and gather all the details regarding your specific positions.



Within 24 hrs of your “Get Started” call, you’ll receive the service overview for electronic signature which simply verifies you agree to how we work and what your company is responsible for. Then, you’ll work with one of our experienced remote team managers and gurus of customer service. Together you’ll create your company’s talent request which will include desired positions, skills and job descriptions, number of hours per week/month, and an overview of the type of candidate you desire. Once all the details are gathered - we get to work!


Sit back while we handle everything

With our dedicated and talented PeopleOps division at work for you, we source the top candidate for your position based on experience, culture, personality and skill fit. Within 5-7 business days, your assigned Team Leader will deliver you a Candidate Submission Form, handcrafted for you and your new remote team. By the time the CSF is in your hands, we’ve covered the entire HR process for you: Talent Pool Sourcing, Background and Skill Assessment, Resume Review, Virtual Pre-Interview, Culture Fit Assessment, Portfolio Review (if applicable), and Pre-Onboarding


Your Team has been assembled!

Onboarding is our favorite step in the process. Our Team Leader will continue to nurture your relationship with Instant Teams while laying the foundation of communication with your new remote team. We schedule your Intro-View via a video session so you can meet your selected candidate, get acquainted with our virtual work environment and begin working. Once your remote team is working in action, we continue to handle all payroll, compliance, team spirit, and daily workflow management.

Create Your Profile

Tell us everything

Creating your profile is the key to success. Be specific and showcase all of the skills sets you possess (hard and soft) with clarity and purpose. When we search the Instant Teams talent community to fill a remote team position, your profile is the first thing we see! List your professional background and experience in a way that highlights your strengths as someone able to thrive in a remote work environment. We focus on developing marketing, admin, and tech teams to include the following positions: digital marketing strategist, social media coordinators, content developer, copywriter, technical writer, tech support, customer service coordinators, program manager, project coordinators, Wordpress developers, QA testers, and more.

Join our exclusive Slack-channel


Every 30 days, we assess all completed profiles for pre-qualified candidates. If your profile indicates you as a potential match for a future remote team position, you’ll receive an invitation to our exclusive, invite-only Slack Channel. RemoteQueue serves as a place for candidates, like yourself, to:
  • Get confirmation that your application was received upon applying to the applicant pools
  • Feel confident knowing our People Operations team has vetted & qualified you in prep to be considered for upcoming available positions
  • Receive insider info on job openings, offers, monthly virtual remote career events, updates, and more.
If your not pre-qualified, we’ll send you a great list of our partners and support services to skill up, work on your resume, or connect with a career counselor.

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As a company embedded in the richness of the military community, we have deep relationships with many support organizations, scholarship funds, and community event planners that keep our social media bustling with information and connectivity. So follow along, join us in real time conversations, and spread the word!


Congrats on your new remote position

Onboarding is our favorite step in the process. Our People Ops team will continue to nurture your relationship with Instant Teams while laying the foundation of communication with our customers. You'll complete an easy to follow remote onboarding process, gain access to our daily Slack communications, and be welcomed as an official remote team member of Instant Teams.

We love what we do and look forward to getting to you!! Join a Team today.